Pro-D or Gordon Neufeld Ad Infinitum

The rotating cast of characters in British Columbia educational professional development workshops – Damian Cooper, Adrienne Gear, Stuart Shanker, Gordon Neufeld, Martin Brokenleg, and rising star Shelly Moore – all share one thing in common:  a presentation devoid of academic underpinnings.  Like the worst of popular self-help literature, our rotating cast of Keynote Speakers deliver their same message ad infinitum .  They do not talk about new peer-reviewed studies showing their ideological underpinnings have an empirical basis. This is purposeful for their presentations are not designed to elicit critical thought from the audience.  I want to use this post to discuss one of the above mentioned presenters, Gordon Neufeld, and then briefly to discuss why he continues to be booked when he offers teachers nothing applicable to their jobs.

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History Will Not Be Kind To The BC Liberals

For the past twenty years the BC Liberals, first under Gordon Campbell and now Christy Clark, have been issuing dire warnings to British Columbians that a vote for any part but theirs would cause massive economic pain.  They have been aided and abetted in this simplistic and highly demented message by British Columbia’s conservative media.
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