Spring In Vancouver


“I know, let’s get some garlic sausage for dinner,” Shane O said “it’s on sale at Safeway for a buck fifty.”

“Sounds good,” was D’s reply.   They had been skating a bit in the early afternoon at the art gallery, and started drinking around three. The problem was, as always, money. Neither Shane O nor D could really afford to spend more than thirty dollars for the whole night. The beer they were drinking already cost each a little over ten dollars they still had a long ways to go if they were going to make it to the Palladium. Continue reading




The cop told my dad not to press charges or the person who tried to kill him would come back for him.  This was 2002 and my dad believed the cop, thought it was good advice actually.  Figured the guy who cut him off  on Royal Ave only to follow him home and viciously assault him was probably dangerous like the cop said. Continue reading