Debate Post – Five Years Late And Still Not Getting The Scoop

So the easily swayed amongst my Facebook friends have been posting a fake news story about a man arrested for walking his dog near Muslims.  This was posted, about a month ago, on some terrible fake news site called Debate Post: Ideas Worth Debating and written by Jason Long, the site’s “journalist editor in chief” (sic).  The actual incident occurred five years ago.  Five fucking years ago.

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Facebook Friends and Suicide

A woman I knew when she was a girl, killed herself last week.  We went to Selkirk Secondary in Kimberley, BC and both graduated in 1995.  I never was especially close to her, some people I knew hung around with her.  If I went to a social event she would probably be there, but really never that close.

Upon hearing of her death on Facebook I was sad.  The public outpouring of grief that I witnessed on Facebook by people who knew her was to be expected.  Facebook is good for that sort of thing and reenforced the sadness of the situation.  What bothered me, however, is how I had treated this person on Facebook in the past. Continue reading