Electric Lake

Richard’s vehicle died before dawn on a Sunday morning in December on Highway 3 near Christina Lake. Pulled over on the shoulder of the road, just past the Chevron that had been there since he was a child, Richard was struggling to maneuver his aging bulging frame within the confines of his needing to be charged dead car.  His winter boots, bought specifically for this Christmas getaway were located behind the passenger seat, while his mittens and toque were behind the driver seat.  Upon locating and adorning his winter clothing, Richard wondered what he should do next.



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Disconnection Failed

When I awoke on the morning of October 5, 2038, I was in the third week of my planned withdrawal from the Internet. The withdrawal was still inchoate, yet it kept progressing: there were actually very few roadblocks. I called Amazon and cancelled all Smart connections to my condo. I will say this for Amazon they, sure take care of everything. They contacted all of my service providers and cancelled those things I didn’t need. The conversation explaining what I didn’t need was a slightly awkward. I feared coming out and telling the representative the full-scale of my plan, so some obfuscation of the truth was necessary. Continue reading