How a Donald Trump Could Succeed in Canada

I spent much of the past week with an old friend from back home.  He and I have taken different paths since we left high school, but we share the bond of two people who grew up together in a small town.  We can still have fun like we did when we were 18 and I can connect with him on a barrier-free level that I am unwilling to even attempt with people I meet now.  This openness made for some insightful political discussions.

Let me be clear here, when I say my friend and I have taken different paths since high school, I am talking about stark differences.  My friend left school in the late 90s and has never sat in a classroom (save one-day courses required to be ticketed for his field) since then.  His line of work, oil, has allowed him to earn a substantial salary with no post-secondary education. Continue reading


British Columbia’s Exciting New Curriculum

British Columbia’s Ministry of Education is handing down a new curriculum.  Sure those vile words “representatives from stakeholder groups in education in British Columbia” were used to assure us that this curriculum was not being handed down to us by elites, but let us look at the ideology this “new” curriculum represents.

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Don’t Question The Judge

Jesse Brown interviewed three lawyers – Sandy Garossini, Emilie Taman, and Michael Spratt – on Canadaland Episode #130 (  The discussion centered on Canadaland’s previous revelation about Justice Horkins’ (the judge in the Ghomeshi case) son working in the same law firm as the brother of prosecutor Marie Henin.  When Jesse introduced the show he described how lawyers, at least those that would go on record, were, in essence, circling the wagons:  He described a nearly universal condemnation of the revelation by all of the lawyers willing to go on record.  The three lawyers on the show all offered a slightly different answer when Jesse asked what made them uncomfortable about Canadaland’s revelation. Continue reading

A Response To Randy Pompetti

Yesterday two of my Facebook friends posted a link to a piece defending Alberta’s oil industry.  The piece was written by Rany Pompetti and attempts to defang any arguments made by those who oppose the oil industry, but does not succeed (  Instead it gets muddled down in its inability to decide on who its audience is; makes some borderline conspiracy theorist accusations against the United States; and, in general, does not address the challenges the industry faces and how it could do better.  My goal with this post will be to look at the arguments made by Mr. Pompetti and point out their fallacies and at the end of the article offer a stronger argument that could be used to help convince Canadians to continue to support the development of Alberta’s oil industry. Continue reading

Trudeau the Younger

audience-with-the-queenJustin Trudeau is going to lead us out of the Conservative darkness.  Tomorrow the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau will become the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (PM) and we should all be so lucky.  He would not be the PM if his last name wasn’t Trudeau – this is the most important point to remember.  He became the leader of the The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) because after the Chretien/Martin years ended they needed a saviour.  Dion was wrong right out of the gate.  Ignatieff looked good, but was too easily mocked as a carpetbagger.  Trudeau the Younger, handsome and charismatic (so they say) was going to lead the LPC back to its role as Canada’s Natural Governing Party.  By looking at three points – his inheritance, his privilege, and his adherence to the global capitalist norm –  we will see that Trudeau the Younger differs from our past leaders only in the same way one snake differs from another –  that is to say not at all. Continue reading