Debate Post – Five Years Late And Still Not Getting The Scoop

So the easily swayed amongst my Facebook friends have been posting a fake news story about a man arrested for walking his dog near Muslims.  This was posted, about a month ago, on some terrible fake news site called Debate Post: Ideas Worth Debating and written by Jason Long, the site’s “journalist editor in chief” (sic).  The actual incident occurred five years ago.  Five fucking years ago.

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The Illusory Nature of Funding Cuts To BC Education

Rob Shaw and Tracy Sherlock in the Vancouver Sun reported yesterday that the BC government has found $2.7 million dollars to keep nine rural and remote schools slated for closure due to budget cuts open, at least for one more year.  The story is useful because it does give a provincial platform to members on some of these school boards (poor saps) to  ask a few important questions.  Unfortunately, Sherlock and Shaw forgot, or were unable, to get a governmental response to these questions.

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Scale It Back Wente!

Canada’s favourite columnist has been caught again.  That’s right “Margaret Wente is an Unrepentant Plagiarist 2” is now available on a blog, podcast, or newspaper near you.  On Twitter many people (myself included) expressed shock that the Globe and Mail still employed Ms. Wente after her most recent misstep.  In the National Post, Terence Corcoran dismissed the whole situation as nothing more than “a matter of technique and perhaps sloppiness” on Wente’s part. Continue reading

Don’t Question The Judge

Jesse Brown interviewed three lawyers – Sandy Garossini, Emilie Taman, and Michael Spratt – on Canadaland Episode #130 (  The discussion centered on Canadaland’s previous revelation about Justice Horkins’ (the judge in the Ghomeshi case) son working in the same law firm as the brother of prosecutor Marie Henin.  When Jesse introduced the show he described how lawyers, at least those that would go on record, were, in essence, circling the wagons:  He described a nearly universal condemnation of the revelation by all of the lawyers willing to go on record.  The three lawyers on the show all offered a slightly different answer when Jesse asked what made them uncomfortable about Canadaland’s revelation. Continue reading

Lauren Southern – Provocateur

The National Post ran a report on Monday that a young woman who they call a reporter had some piss thrown on her (  I disagree with throwing piss on anybody, and I probably disagree with everything the “second year student studying political sciences at the University of the Fraser Valley” ( believies in. I am, however, more interested in how the NP defines “reporter” in this case. Continue reading