History Will Not Be Kind To The BC Liberals

For the past twenty years the BC Liberals, first under Gordon Campbell and now Christy Clark, have been issuing dire warnings to British Columbians that a vote for any part but theirs would cause massive economic pain.  They have been aided and abetted in this simplistic and highly demented message by British Columbia’s conservative media.
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Christy Clark Won’t “Play Politics” With The Opioid Crisis, Everything Else is Fair Game

In last night’s BC leadership debate, the plastic surgery victim reading the questions read one about the opioid crisis that is killing people in our province.  Christy Clark, our premier who has almost graduated from university, stated that she did not want to “play politics” with this issue.  I did not hear her, or any other leader on that stage, state that other issues were above the political fray, so let’s look at what Ms. Clark will “play politics” with. Continue reading

Dancing In The Dark – BC Edition

In Karl Ove Knausguaard’s fourth volume of his My Struggle series he secures a job as a teacher in northern Norway.  He is eighteen years old and has no post-high school education.  This is not an aberration for the school as the students are cognizant enough to blame their ignorance upon being taught year-after-year by unqualified and inexperienced teachers.

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Homeowners From The 604 Area Code Are Insufferable

(A warning this is more of a sunstroke-induced incoherent rant, but nobody really reads this anyhow, so I can write what I want.)

So yesterday we loaded up the SUV and went to Hornby Island for the day, I should have waited until September.


It was only a day trip.

The island itself was absolutely gorgeous, as always, but the people on the island this time of  year made it difficult to enjoy.  One way to know why it was so difficult to be within the presence of these individuals was to overhear their conversations at the co-op and at the beach. Continue reading

Increasing British Columbia’s Freedom Of Choice in Education By Starving The Public System

We know that British Columbia’s Liberal party has no affiliation with the federal Liberal party, or any other provincial Liberal party.  They are a collection of right wingers determined to keep the power-hungry left-of-centre party (the NDP) out of power.

Lately though, I have been asking myself if the BC Liberals stand for anything else? Continue reading