How a Donald Trump Could Succeed in Canada

I spent much of the past week with an old friend from back home.  He and I have taken different paths since we left high school, but we share the bond of two people who grew up together in a small town.  We can still have fun like we did when we were 18 and I can connect with him on a barrier-free level that I am unwilling to even attempt with people I meet now.  This openness made for some insightful political discussions.

Let me be clear here, when I say my friend and I have taken different paths since high school, I am talking about stark differences.  My friend left school in the late 90s and has never sat in a classroom (save one-day courses required to be ticketed for his field) since then.  His line of work, oil, has allowed him to earn a substantial salary with no post-secondary education. Continue reading


Barsby Athletes Get Away With Assault: Should We Be Surprised?

You hear it whenever they rape or attack someone: These are just a few bad apples.  Earlier this month in Nanaimo three grade 12 football players at John Barsby school attacked a grade 9 student to the point of unconsciousness.  Rumour has it they were not expelled, but were given, as is always the case with these entitled student athletes, a slap on the wrist.  I believe that these three students are not just bad apples, but are actually products of a school sports system that creates a culture of entitlement and privilege that places some students above not only other students, but also many of the adults in the school.  These adults end up overlooking transgressions committed by athletes and actively facilitate further transgressions.

To get a better idea of just how deep this two-tiered culture runs I am going to look at a few stories that have been in the news recently that deal with acts of rape and assault committed by elite collegiate athletes and how the athletic culture creates a system where authorities purposefully overlook these transgressions..  Critics will argue my examples are all taken from American post-secondary institutions, but to that I say all the better as this is the culmination of the disgusting sports culture.  The ultimate stick dangled in front of students who play sports in high school: Life will be good for you here, but you will be a king if you ever get to the NCAA.


Participating in gang rape is just “a bad choice”

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A Takeaway from John Gibbs’ Takeaway

John Gibbs wrote a five point rundown in the Federalist describing why Donald Trump’s response to the Orlando mass shooting was, all in all,  a good thing.  Trying to understand how a man who holds a master in public administration from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government was so blind to the logical holes in Trump’s position makes me fear for the quality of even the best post-secondary education.  Providing the proper analysis of Trump’s (and by extension Gibbs’) failure to utilize their critical faculties shouldn’t take long, but it is hoped the reader has some basic level of historical knowledge surrounding Afghan-US relations in the last forty years.

reaganandmujahideen1The Gipper and some member of the Mujahideen circa 1985

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Hillary Clinton’s Belief In Meritocracy


Hillary Clinton is bad, maybe as bad as they come.  Her saving grace is that she is going up against her old friend, and the man who has chosen to sell lunacy to the public, Donald Trump.  Her record has been one of inconsequence (her time as First Lady) or outright failure (foreign policy).  Yet, the fact that her opponent is a 70 year old buffoon, makes her far more palatable to the public.  This alone will give her the endorsement of all the major media (for what that’s worth), and will give the neoliberal policies that motivate her politics an even greater free pass. Continue reading

Incessant Coverage Should Stop Trump


A screenshot of my RCP app home screen this morning.  Five of seven articles are devoted to Donald Trump.  Not unusual.

“Oh my God!  Donald Trump might be elected to lead the GOP into the 2016 presidential election,” said the editor-in-chief of Real Clear Politics.  “What should we do?” asked his subordinates.  “Run almost nothing but articles about him for the next year or so,” reasoned the leader, “that should turn things around”. Continue reading