Christy Clark Won’t “Play Politics” With The Opioid Crisis, Everything Else is Fair Game

In last night’s BC leadership debate, the plastic surgery victim reading the questions read one about the opioid crisis that is killing people in our province.  Christy Clark, our premier who has almost graduated from university, stated that she did not want to “play politics” with this issue.  I did not hear her, or any other leader on that stage, state that other issues were above the political fray, so let’s look at what Ms. Clark will “play politics” with.Housing.  Though not as immediate as an opioid addiction, a lack of affordable housing is a crisis that harms more British Columbians than does the opioid crisis.  Under Clark, and to be fair her predecessor, most British Columbians have been priced out of the housing market in the urban areas of the province.  Buying and selling real estate is the great economic engine that the BC Liberals have allowed to dominate our province, but those outside of this great game have been locked out because Ms. Clark is, apparently, willing to play politics with the issue.

Your child’s future is another subject that our intrepid leader is willing to “play politics” with.  Ms. Clark has been at war with teachers since entering political life (some sort of unresolved daddy issue is my hypothesis) and has little to show for her bullheadedness.  A number of losses at the Supreme Court of Canada and a reinvestment of money that she took out of the system, has placed her back at the 2001 starting line.  Yet, if she wins and is able to form another government get ready for her to continue playing politics with education.

The truth is the final subject we should discuss if we want to look at things Ms. Clark is willing to “play politics” with.  When asked about her lies regarding having her computers hacked by the NDP, Ms. Clark did not acknowledge her lies.  Instead she changed the subject to jobs.  No fucking relationship to the question at hand, but that’s the only card she has left to play.

I hope that Ms. Clark is left to “play politics” with these important issues by herself.  She is a corrupt egomaniac who has never represented anything but her own aspirations.  If all British Columbians became homeless and all schools were closed, she would have little to say other than “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

Christy, we don’t want to play anymore.