Debate Post – Five Years Late And Still Not Getting The Scoop

So the easily swayed amongst my Facebook friends have been posting a fake news story about a man arrested for walking his dog near Muslims.  This was posted, about a month ago, on some terrible fake news site called Debate Post: Ideas Worth Debating and written by Jason Long, the site’s “journalist editor in chief” (sic).  The actual incident occurred five years ago.  Five fucking years ago.

For the sake of fun, however, I want to look at the story from both Mr. Long’s reporting and the reporting of more reputable “real” news sites.  A Google search will, at first glance, give you a much clearer account of why the man was arrested.  Toronto snowflake, Allen Einstoss (whose Linkedin profile shows him and Ezra Klein mugging for the camera), brought his dog to an Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park in August, 2012.  None of the real news stories (links are here:,  Toronto Sun,  and Huffington Post) tell you why he brought his dog to this rally, other than that some strict Muslims find dogs unclean.  His dog, a large Mastiff, was wearing an Israeli flag.  The only site I could find that actually reported on the Toronto Snowflake’s (Allen Einstoss) real intention was Spencer Watch.  Turns out our snowflake was part of a failed protest based around the idea that Muslims hate dogs.   

The Toronto Sun defended poor Mr. Einstoss and his right to go where he wants, do what he wants, and say what he wants.  Mr. Long reports that Mr. Einstoss was cut “a big deal”.  This deal it turns out was simply for Mr. Einstoss, who had been involved in a scuffle with a Muslim man, to leave the park.  Doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Most troubling to me about how this story was handled by Canadian media is that in none of the stories, real or fake (search for yourself if you must) is a Muslim voice heard.  This isn’t reporting, this is pandering.

If, as I claim, Mr. Long is a fake journalist, a man who covers a non-news story five years after the fact, then those “real” journalists who covered the story when it happened aren’t much better.